North Miami Beach Development Clears Hurdle, Causes Controversy

North Miami Beach Development Clears Hurdle, Causes Controversy

A 19-story twin apartment tower and a 7-story office facility was just approved by the North Miami Beach Planning and Zoning Board, according to a recent article from The Real Deal. The mixed-use project will be located on the east side of West Dixie Highway between Northeast 170th and 171st streets. The plan, which was approved on Monday at a 5-t0-1 vote, will lead to the replacement of a one-story, 43-year-old office building and a string of retail buildings that currently exist on the site.

The 838,712-square-foot complex was designed by architect Kobi Karp, and will be called 5 Park. A team lead by Alan Macken, principal of Macken Realty and MTV Investments is slated to construct the project. Macken’s proposal includes a 50,486-square-foot office building at 115-feet, plus a two-tower, 195-foot tall apartment building with 415 units, 30,210 square feet of retail and a 792-space parking garage. The plans also call for two pocket parks at the site.

Along with proposed plans, Macken’s team is also submitting quite the development agreement. If approved, the team will purchase the 1.39-acres on site that is currently owned by the city for $175,000, most of which is being used as a surface parking lot for existing retail. Under the agreement, 26 parking spaces will remain public on the ground floor of the future parking garage. Additionally, Macken promised to pay an additional $572,253 in impact fees for police, infrastructure, and parks. He also committed to widening sidewalks, adding parallel parking on West Dixie Highway, and the installation of new street lighting and vegetation.

While some board members are excited about the potential project, others aren’t as keen. Board member Richard Weiner believes 5 Park would pave the way for further development along North Miami Beach’s West Dixie corridor, an area that was recently rezoned to encourage high-rise development and mixed-use on the ground floor.

“This project has no variances and is being built as of right,” Weiner stated. “It seems like a no-brainer. It’s in compliance with the law. I can’t find anything to criticize.”

But Saul Smukler, another board member disagrees, claiming the project could cause adverse traffic conditions on a road that is already jammed during rush hour.

“I don’t think that I can look at this project and say that it fits in with the roadway at this time,” Smukler said.

The pros and cons were further debated, but ultimately the decision will be made by the North Miami Beach City Council, who is scheduled to vote on the 2.8-acre project on April 18.

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