The Future of North Beach

The Future of North Beach

Over the last several years, Miami-Dade has experienced a significant uptick in real estate development, and the city of Miami Beach certainly hasn’t been left out. World-class towers, like Faena House and The Residences at Miami Beach Edition, have helped to draw international attention to both South Beach and Mid-Beach, while North Beach, the area from 63rd Street to 87th Street and westward from the ocean to the bay, remains relatively untouched. While developers have tried to put forward plans for the neighborhood, a charter amendment that was passed in 1997 gives the residents a voice in the process, and they haven’t been too pleased with recent proposals. Just last year, local voters opposed plans slated for the Ocean Terrace historic district, located between 73rd Street and 75th Street. But change is coming to North Beach, and city officials are hoping to unite residents and developers to create the community that everyone can agree on.

According to a recent article from The Real Deal, the city of Miami Beach is holding a public design meeting next week to discuss a proposed Master Plan for North Beach. The city has hired Dover Kohl & Partners, an urban design firm that specializes in master plans for neighborhood redevelopment,  who will host the charrette at the Byron Carlyle Theater. The city’s economic development division director, Jeff Oris, said that this will be the public’s opportunity to decide what happens in North Beach. “Ultimately, when we have a plan, we want it to be the community’s plan,” he said.

Project director and town planner with Dover Kohl, Jason King, said that the master plan for the community will be comprehensive, with land development regulations, zoning, budget priorities and the design of streets and public spaces all being considered. “There is going to be change in North Beach, and the question is how much and where, and what kind will it be, and if North Beach will be a better place for it,” he said.

The community of North Beach is organized, with activists like Kirk Paskal, speaking out on behalf of residents. According to Paskal, “the community is engaged,” and looking for a “balanced plan” for their neighborhood. Backed by activists and preservationists, Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, has been vocal about residents not wanting more density and large towers in the area. She claims that North Beach is “very charming,” adding that she doesn’t “think it needs that much revitalization. It’s a beautiful neighborhood.” It will be interesting to see what develops with city officials and residents working together.

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